Mall Santa

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Generally I only write about discipline between a husband and a wife. Sometimes I will reference parental discipline. But what about those unfortunate girls who crave submission but have no one to submit too? And what about those poor girls who are stuck in a relationship with a spouse who refuses to discipline them?

I saw this series of pictures and a story came to mind. So here goes.


Stephanie, Carrie and Laura chatted happily as they wandered through the mall, their bags full of purchases they had made. It was Christmas time and their hearts were in the giving—and buying—spirit.

Suddenly Stephanie stopped, grabbed Carrie’s hand and said, “Uh, Girls, lets go this way!” pointing toward the left.

“Don’t be silly,” Laura replied, “We’re going to JC Pennies, and that is this way!” she said indicating the direction they had been going.

“B-but I don’t want to go there anymore, I want to go this way!” Stephanie argued emphatically.

“We’re GOING to Pennies! I have a coupon.” Carrie said taking Stephanie’s hand and pulling her toward the store.

“B-b-but, my husband’s over there!”


“In the Santa costume, right over there, he’s a mall Santa. If we go that way he’ll see me.”

“So? Your gifts are hidden in bags, what’s the big deal?” Laura questioned.

“Well,” Stephanie whispered, “I’m not supposed to be here.”

“What do you mean, you’re not supposed to be here, you’re a grown woman, you can go anywhere you want! Don’t tell me you let Judd tell you when you can go to the store!”

Suddenly they hears Judd’s voice call out, “Stephanie!”

Stephanie blushed and tried to dart away, but Carrie was still holding her hand and didn’t let her go. “Come here, Stephanie!” Judd commanded in a voice that was not to be disobeyed. Slowly Stephanie walked toward her husband. Her head hanging.

Carrie and Laura followed bewildered at the scene. Judd put the closed sign on the Santa booth and brought Stephanie inside closing the curtain. They heard muffled sounds of Judd scolding and Stephanie whimpering. Suddenly why hear her yell, “No! Judd, not here, everyone can hear! Can’t this wait till we get home?” Then they heard a small struggle followed by the sound of smacking and struggling. Stephanie let out a little screech.

Intrigued, Carrie pulled open the curtain a little and peeked inside. She gasped, and dropped the curtain. “What,” Laura asked, “what did you see?”

“See for yourself!” Carrie said motioning toward the curtain.

Laura quietly peeked inside. The view shocked her and thrilled her all at the same time.

Picture1There was Stephanie lying over Santa’s knee getting a real honest-to-goodness spanking!

Feeling guilty for looking Laura two dropped the curtain. She looked at Carrie, who was covering her bottom with her hands and blushing!

Picture2Laura and Carrie stood there silently listening as Stephanie struggled to keep from crying out loud.

Carrie peeked inside again, this time Judd had flipped up her skirt and was ministering directly to her panties.

Carrie blushed with excitement. She had always fantasized about having a strong man take her over his knee and spank her. But alas, she was single, and hadn’t found any men she could trust with her secret.

By the time Stephanie’s spanking ended, her resolve to stay quiet had dissolved and she was bawling over Judd’s knee.

Carrie and Laura had been listening with keen interest. Laura noticed that Carrie kept her hands covering her bottom the whole time. Then she suddenly noticed that she too was absentmindedly rubbing her bottom too.

Finally after a lot of sniffling and quiet talking that they couldn’t make out Stephanie emerged from the Santa booth, her face tear streaked. A mortified look on her face.

She stood in front of her friends for a minute looking at the floor. “I guess you know now why I didn’t want to go this way.” she said meekly, “You heard it, didn’t you? I’m so mortified.”

“Yes, Steph, we heard it.” Laura confirmed sympathetically. “But its OK we won’t tell anyone.”

“You probably never want to see me again.” Stephanie wailed.

“Nonsense!” Carrie soothed, Picture3“We’re best friends, we’d never little a little thing like a spanking   get in the way of that! Lets go to the girls room and get your face cleaned up so people won’t   know you’ve been crying.”

They began walking toward Pennies again. When they got to the bathroom Carrie got   wet paper towels and began gently washing Stephanie’s face. Laura was brooding. “You’re not   going to let him get away with that, are you?” she said angrily She pulled out her cell phone.   “I’m gonna call the police and report him for domestic violence!”

“No!!” Stephanie screamed and lunged for the phone. “It’s not domestic violence, it’s   domestic discipline. I’ve agreed to submit to Judd and let him set the rules. When I disobey, I’ve agreed to let him spank me for punishment.”

“What???” Laura gasped incredulously, “girl, you’re crazy, I’d never let my husband be in charge, let alone hit me!”

Carrie argued, “Laura, don’t be so harsh, I think it’s kind of a neat kink. IF that’s what she wants, then its ok!—as long as he’s not forcing her! Besides, hearing Stephanie get spanked kind of turned me on too!Picture4 And don’t tell me it didn’t you as well, Laura, I saw you rubbing your bottom.” Laura hung her head, she couldn’t deny it had turned her on too.

Stephanie took a deep breath, she was ready to explain. “Thanks Carrie,” she began then turned to Laura. “Laura, I used to think that way too. I ran roughshod over my husband and made many demands of him. I was anything but respectful and submissive…I was also miserable. Then I attended a women’s conference in which they explained about Biblical submission and discipline. I decided to ask Judd to give it a try. Our lives have not been the same since. Since I handed over control to my Husband I have finally found peace. It has made me feel so much more free and whole as a woman and wife. And even though I don’t like it very much at times like this, I will never go back. It’s well worth it!” She said with her usual confidence.

Picture 4-1After cleaning up, Carrie and Laura went with Stephanie to return everything she had purchased, disobediently. The hole time they asked her questions about domestic discipline. Carrie especially seemed fascinated. When she finished returning her items, Stephanie said, “Well, I’m going to go home now, I’m not supposed to be here anyway, you know.”

Just then they walked past the Santa booth. “Just a Minute, Steph.” Carrie said running to the booth. She whispered something into Judd’s ear and he quickly closed the booth again.

Stephanie and Laura followed Carrie into the closed booth. Carrie sat on Judd’s knee. “Mr. Judd, I mean Santa, I’ve been a naughty girl too. B-but I don’t have a husband to discipline me! I have fanaticized for years about having a strong man take me over his knee and spank me. But I always thought that was crazy—like I was the only one who wanted to submit to a man.” Picture5Carrie took a quick breath and plowed on. “Please, I know you’re not my husband, but you’re my best friend’s husband and, and I really need you to spank me!”

“Well now, Carrie,” Judd said in a calm authoritative voice,

“You know that spankings are not just for play, they’re punishment, and they hurt, and you won’t like it one bit.”

“Y-yes sir, but I have been naughty, very naughty. Please, I really want this.”

“Ok Carrie, but once I start there’s no backing out, no matter how much it hurts and no matter what you say. Do you understand?” (“Yes, sir.”)   “and these ladies here,” Judd said motioning toward Stephanie and Laura, “are witness that this spanking is completely voluntary, you asked for it with no coercion?”

“Yes sir,” Carrie blushed when she realized that her friends were watching this. She’d been so focused on finally getting the spanking she had always wanted that she forgot her friends were there.

“Ladies?” Judd queried Stephanie and Laura. Both nodded their agreement to be witnesses.

“Ok then Carrie, You’ve been a very naughty girl and I’m going to give you a sound spanking! Lie over my knee!” Judd said taking charge.

Picture6Carrie obediently positioned herself as she had seen Stephanie do. <SWAT> Judd’s hand crashed down on her skirt covered bottom. Carrie gasped! This hurt far worse than she thought it would. <SMACK> <SWAT> <SPANK> his hand rained down fire on her bottom. She began to feel desperate. “STOP!!! “ she yelled, “I’ve changed my mind, let me up!”

<SWAT> “Young lady, <SWAT> you agreed <SWAT> that once the spanking started <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> there would be no backing out! <SWAT> <SWAT> I’m afraid you have no <SWAT> choices <SWAT> left <SWAT> in this matter. <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> I’m in control <SWAT> and I will <SWAT> spank you as <SWAT> long <SWAT> and as hard <SWAT> as I want!” <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> Carrie wailed under the punishing heat of his swats.

Picture7Finally Judd stopped spanking her. She tried to get up and away from this terrible scene. “no, no, Carrie dear. You can’t get up, your spanking’s far from over!” Judd scolded as he lifted her skirt.

“What! No! you can’t do that, I’m a grown woman, that’s embarrassing. I don’t want you looking at by butt!”

<SWAT> Judd’s hand crashed down on her bottom not only protected by her thin panties, it hurt a 10 times more! And Carry immediately began crying. “Carrie dear, <SWAT> Naughty girls, <SWAT> like you, <SWAT> don’t get to choose what they’re wearing for their spankings either. <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT> I always lift Stephine’s skirt <SWAT> for her spankings!” <SWAT> <SWAT> <SWAT>.

Picture8Carrie felt totally helpless and she lay over Judd’s knee. He had her totally in his power! “OWWWW, I’m sorry,” she wailed as her foot kicked up writhing from the pain.

So this was what her fantasy felt like. She had near truly felt the feeling of utter helplessness and total surrender before. On one hand, she hated it and wanted like nothing else to get up, run away and pretend nothing had ever happened. On the other hand she felt overwhelmed with peace and joy. She was really turned on but submitting to Judd. As she tried to sort through her emotions, through her tears, Judd stopped once again.

“Now Carrie, I know you think you have already received a very sound spanking. But I’ve learned from experience that a girl never learns until she is taught on her bare bottom.” Judd said. Picture9Grasping her waist band and pulling her panties down. Carrie, now fully submissive, didn’t protest. He was in charge, if he thought she needed bare bottom, she would submit to that too!

<SWAT!!> <SWAT!!> <SWAT!!> Carrie’s wails reached a new, uninhibited pitch. She didn’t care if everyone in the mall could hear, all she cared about was that she was a naughty girl getting a sound spanking. She noticed that if a spanking on the panties hurt 10 times more than over her skirt. This was 100 times worse. The sting of his hand on her bare flesh was unbearable and she kicked and screamed with abandon. <SWAT!!> <SWAT!!> <SWAT!!> <SWAT!!> <SWAT!!> <SWAT!!>

When Carries bottom was bright pink and she was reduced to a sniveling mess. Judd finally stopped.

Picture10He held her and comforted her until she stopped crying. She felt like a new person. “Thank you, oh thank you, Mr. Judd, I feel so much better!” she said submissively.

Judd scolded her in a fatherly fashion.

After a long time Carrie meekly asked, “Mr Judd?”

“Yes Carrie?”

“I don’t have a man to discipline me. But now I’m more convinced than ever that I need one. Will you… Will you be my disciplinarian?”

“Well, sweaty, I’m Stephie’s husband and disciplinarian. I don’t think she’d want to share me with any other woman, do you?”

“I know. B-but you can’t be my husband, but daddy’s spank their daughters too, Will you be my daddy and discipline me?”

“Well I’ll talk to Stephanie about it and let you know.”

Judd helped her of his lap, “well you girls better get home!”

As Carrie and Stephanie get ready to go. Laura ventured. “M-Mr Judd. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t think my friends should have sore bottoms and me not. I too was not supposed to spend any money at the store today. Will you, will you S-Spank me too?”
“You’re married, Laura, that’s your husband’s job!” Judd argued.

“I know but until a few minutes ago I thought this was all crazy town. I would never let my man lay a hand on me, or tell me what to do. But Stephanie has been telling us about how miserable her life was before she submitted and how wonderful it is now. Then I saw Carrie getting spanked and it really turned me on. But I’m afraid. I’m afraid to tell my husband, what if I can’t stand to be spanked, and he wants to spank me for the rest of my life. So I want to try it out with you. If I can take it, I’ll tell my husband tonight, If not, I’ll keep it a secret.”

They negotiated for a while, finally Judd agreed to spank her too. “But I will not condone keeping secrets from your hubby. When I’m done with you will definitely be telling him what happened! Now come over my knee.”

Picture11Judd quickly took charge of Laura and had her crying before he even lifted her skirt.

Judd Was surprised how much of a crier this seemingly tough woman was.

But he was determined to give her the full experience so he lifted her skirt.

Picture12He paused for a few seconds with his hand high up in the air ready to spank. Laura braced for the impact, but it didn’t come. As she waited, the helplessness of her situation began to sink in. She was totally exposed to his will. He could hold her there as long as he wanted. She began feeling very tiny and out of control. The anticipation build, she was a nervous wreck. How could she stand getting spanked any harder. The first part over her skirt had been bad enough. She twitched her bottom nervously. And waited. As the wait lengthened Laura felt more and more submissive—and strangely enough even though she was scared, she liked it too! Suddenly his hand whacked down on her bottom. Laura SCREAMED and kicked. Picture13But she could do nothing to get away. She was truly helpless– and it felt good!

Laura bucked and kicked and wailed as all naughty girls should when their panties are getting soundly spanked.

Laura put on such a show for them as she bucked, kicked and cried genuine, heartfelt tears that Judd almost felt guilty being the one to see this instead of her husband. “Max will certainly enjoy spanking this girl!” he thought to himself.Picture14 He was having a hard time controlling his feelings of lust for this pitiful girl. If she were his wife he’d want to spank her every day! He could tell she would make the perfect submissive wife and he determined to not let her up until he had extracted a promise from her that she would ask her hubby to spank her that very evening!

Picture15For her part, Laura was a mess. The spanking was totally destroying her arrogant self reliant persona. She hated the spanking but what she hated even more was that she also felt like she needed it, really needed it.

The feeling of having someone else in charge and submitting to his discipline turned her on like nothing ever had. She was starting to fall for Judd, which made her feel all the more guilty. Still she hesitated to make a commitment to this lifestyle. It felt good to submit for while, but she wasn’t sure she could give up control for the rest of her life!

Picture16Then she felt Judd remove her panties. And the dam broke. He hadn’t asked if he could, he just did it. And she had no say in the matter. She was embarrassed and humiliated to have her bare bottom on display for him but he gave no heed, she had no say! She began bawling in utter defeat. As he spanked and spanked she gave up all will to fight, she just accepted each swat as they came.

Judd stopped spanking, but kept her over his knee. “Laura,” Judd’s voice broke into her thoughts. “Have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes, sir,” she sobbed in humble abandon.

“From now on, young lady, you will submit to your husband. Do you understand?”

Picture17Here he was telling her instead of asking again—and here she was letting him–she loved it! She no longer had to carry the weight of her world on her shoulders. She could give that to her man—he was strong enough! She was now so free, so surrendered—Suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted!

She pictured herself over her husband’s knee. Now she just needed to decide when to broach the subject.

Judd continued. “Now tonight when Max gets home, you will tell your husband you want to submit to him and let him know I spanked you. Do you understand?” Still he gave orders, not questions. “Yes sir” she heard herself say, surprising even herself. She hadn’t decided when she would talk to Max, but the question had just been settled for her. There was no need for her to fret about it. All she heeded to do was obey! This was easy.

“One more thing,” Judd said slapping Laura hard on her bare bottom. “Promise me that you will ask Max to give you a sound spanking TONIGHT! For going to me instead of him with your concerns.

“I promise!” she said emphatically.

“Then you may get up.” He invited.

Picture18The three girl’s held hands as they walked out to their cars. They were happy. They had long been best of friends, but now they were sisters. Each had experienced a profound change in her life.

One no longer felt she had to keep her submissive life to herself. She how had girls to share it with.

One was about to embark on a whole new life of submission with her husband.

And one was hoping against hopes that someday soon she would be taken under Jedd’s wing as her daddy. Yes they were all changed, and they were a sisterhood–the sisterhood of the spanked.


Picture19That evening Laura kept her promise. She took off her skirt and vest and met her husband in just her blouse and panties when he came home from work. She told him about the three of them getting spanked that day at the mall. She told him about how Stephanie’s marriage was transformed when she submitted to Judd and said she had decided she needed Domestic discipline.

Then she apologized tearfully for being so disrespectful, disobedient and bossy in the past and asked him to spank her soundly for it.

Picture20To her surprise, Max readily agreed and immediately assumed an heir of authority over her. He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. He pulled down her panties, put her over his knee and spanked her soundly. I turned out Max was a natural disciplinarian!

Picture21Laura did her part too, putting on that amazing show she had done earlier. Bawling in pain but reveling in the peace of submission.

Max was so turned on his girl’s performance over his knee that when he was done spanking her he turned his submissive girl over on the bed and Undid his pants. Laura crying profusely from the spanking when max initiated intercourse. Laura cried submissively through the whole experience, which they both agreed was the best sex they’d ever had.


Picture22That night Stephanie got a text from Judd ordering her to set the spanking chair in the middle of the living room, change into her pajamas and be standing in time out with her bottom bare when he got home.

She nervously complied. He found her obediently standing in time out against the living room wall nervously rubbing her still pink bottom.

Judd led her over to the chair and explained that he didn’t think she had gained full release in her earlier spanking because she had tried to hard to hold back her cries so as to not have the whole mall hear.

Picture23“Tears are healing, and you didn’t have the opportunity to let them flow freely.” He said she needed the opportunity to have full release and so he was going to give her another spanking.

Stephanie, didn’t think she agreed with her husband, she felt quite submissive from her previous spanking, but he was in charge, not her, so she bent over his knee.

Since this is an epilogue, not another story, I’ll not go into the details.Picture24

Suffice it to say that Stephanie got a very sound spanking.


And there was no shortage of tears shed. She made no attempt to stifle her cries or hide her pain.

In short order she had kicked her pajama bottoms off and was writhing in agony over her hubby’s knee.


For his part, Judd was impressed with the show she gave him. This was even better than Laura’s show! It encouraged him to keep going just a bit longer than he intended. He decided that two spankings in one day was a good thing for Stephie.


When Judd finally stopped spanking her, Stephanie lay submissively over his knee crying until she thought he had no more tears left.


In hindsight she had to admit, if only to herself, that Judd had been right, she did need to be brought to tears.

Judd helped her up, took her by the hand and led his still sniffling wife to the bedroom when he lay her down. She too cried submissively through another awesome intercourse with her man. There’s just something special about having sex with a man you’ve allowed to totally dominate you.


Picture29And what about Carrie? She too cried on her bed that night. But not because of a spanking, but because she had no one to spank her.

Laid out her secret array of paddles she’d collected through the years and sat on her bed fantasizing.

In her fantasy someone came into her room picked u the paddle and ordered her to turn over.

Her fanciful disciplinarian made her stand up and pulled her pajama bottoms down.


Picture32She put her hands on her head pretending to be getting Scolded, but she couldn’t pull her pajamas bottoms down with her hand on he head!







Picture33.pngShe imagined a hand leading her to the corner. And as she stood there, her fanciful disciplinarian puller her panties down.

But her imagination was not good enough. How could she truly be submissive when she had to pull her own panties down, and walk herself to the corner?

Picture34She took her nose out of the corner, for there was no one to tell her not to, and cried. Was she doomed to never have someone to discipline her?








She lay herself over the foot of the bed imagining it was a man’s lap. A hand swatted her bare bottom. But alas, it was her hand, and it’s impossible to truly spank yourself.


Removing her pajamas and panties she flopped down on the bed, her bottom still pink from her earlier spanking, and cried herself into a fitful sleep.


In her dreams she heard the lash of a leather strap whip down on her bare bottom, but she awoke before it actually hit, leaving her to cry herself to sleep again.


Again the whistle of the strap invaded her dreams, as she braced for impact she woke up crying. Was there no hope for her?

All night long her fantasies plagued her. When she woke in the morning she called Judd and begged him to be her daddy. But he just said that He and Stephanie would have to talk about it and He’d get back with her. The tone of his voice told her it was no use. And what about Stephanie? Why would such a lucky girl want to share her man with her? No, the decided, I’m just not destined to be disciplined.



Picture39And then on Christmas morning, Carrie sleepily padded into the living room, wondering what she should do with her holiday. She had no relatives near and she always felt a little lonely on holidays while everyone else was celebrating with their families.

She jumped! There, in her living room sat Judd.
“Judd! W-what are you doing here?” She stammered.

Picture40“I just thought I’d bring you a Christmas present! One I know you’ll really like!” Judd said. Carrie got shivers up and down her spine. There was one present she really wanted, and she had asked Santa for it, although she knew Santa was Judd.

“What is it, What is it?” she asked excitedly.

Picture41.jpgJudd handed her a green box with a snowman on the front. With the eagerness of a school girl she opened it to find a pair of panties, that said, “I’ve been Naughty, Spank me!” A paddle. And a letter. She read the letter.

Dear Carrie, Stephanie and I have discussed your request as I promised we would. We have decided that it is ok for you to have me as your daddy. But since you will be my child, not my wife, there will be no sex involved. Also, children need mommies as well as daddies so we have decided that Stephanie will also serve as your mommy. From now on you are to address us as daddy and mommy. If you still agree to this, sign the following contract and give us a key to your apartment. You will be submitting to our direction and discipline. We will make the rules and discipline you when you break them. You will also give up any right to privacy and property. We may come over and check on you unannounced whenever we want. And you must always text us to let us know what you are doing and where you are. Love, Daddy and Mommy.”

Picture42She happily signed the contract and handed it to Judd.

“Now you realize that this contract gives up all your rights to us, honey, and there is no out, unless we decide to release you, until you get married. It will be hard learning to be a submissive daughter after being independent for so long, you’ll probably need lots of spankings at first. Do you understand that?”

Picture43“Yes, sir. This is the best day of my life!” she answered happily.

“Well we’ll see about it being the best day after you get the rest of your present—a sound spanking, then you are coming to stay at our house until New years… Now come lay over my knee.”

She had longed for a spanking for so long, yet now that it was eminent, she was having second thoughts. “b-but, I’m still opening presents, c-can’t I at least finish that before my spanking?” She pleaded.

“Carrie, when daddy tells you to do something I expect you to obey immediately! From now on if Daddy or Mommy tell you to do something you have just two choices. Do it immediately, without arguing or complaining, or do it later with a sore bottom. Now get over my knee!”

Picture44.jpgCarrie whimpered but obeyed. Judd began spanking her soundly. And she resounded soundly, that is with lots of sound.

After only a few swats he pulled her pajamas and panties down and began work on her bare bottom. “Carrie, you now have no right to privacy. I will spank your bare bottom whenever I want to, young lady!”Picture45.jpg


Picture47.jpgHer spanking was long and painful. Carrie bawled in full submission.





When the spanking finally ended, Carrie was totally submitted. She cried unashamedly over his knee. Thankful to finally be experiencing what true submission is really like, and knowing that this would never end!


Judd, finally let Carrie stand up. She rubbed her sore backside furiously.Picture52.jpg

He scolded her a bit then said, “Come along Carrie, lets get some clothes packed for you, then go home. Mommy in anxious for your help preparing Christmas dinner and after the guests leave she’s planning on giving you a sound spanking with her big wooden spoon.”

Carrie sighed contentedly, This was just perfect. A family to spend Christmas with and not one, but two disciplinarians to help her learn submission.

>Final Epilogue<<

  • Laura found that she had a very hard time learning submission. She got spankings nearly every day for months. But finally she caught on and her marriage became total bliss…Even if her bottom was total bliss-ter at times.
  • Stephanie Continued DD. But enjoyed having a friend in Laura whom she could talk openly about submission. “Coming out of the closet” so to speak was that last piece she needed to be totally free. Stephanie took a little while figuring out how to be in charge of Carrie, while submitting to Judd. But here again submission helped out. Both women submitted to Judd, and he was the ruler of the home. Stephanie just helped keep Carrie in line.
  • Carrie adjusted quickly to her new lifestyle, even though she needed lots of spankings. Her relationship with Stephanie and Laura changed, though. She was no longer their friend, but Stephanie’s daughter. She learned to call Laura Auntie Laura. And she had to obey these ladies, instead of powel around with them.
  • On New Year’s Eve, Judd invited Laura and Max over. As the “child” in the family, Carrie was soundly spanked by Judd and Max then put to bed at 8:00. Then at 11:00 PM Laura and Stephanie were summoned over their husband’s knees. Judd explained that this would give them a clean slate for the new year. Then both ladies were spanked for 50 minutes. At 10 till midnight the bawling girls were bent over the back of the couch, a clock in front of them. Each man grabbed a paddle and waited. At 11:59:30 they began swinging the paddle in time with the second hand as the counted down from 30. It’s doubtful that the girls even heard them count below 25 because of their wailing. Carrie woke up and ran to see what was the matter. She arrived just in time to see her mommy and auntie Laura ring in the new year in tears. She was happy (even though she got another spanking for getting up), they were all happy.
  • THE END!



One thought on “Mall Santa

  1. Many women are afraid of confessing that they get spanked by their husbands
    when they can’t behave, and that is a pity because most women do not look down
    on other women who get spanked, but they are rather jealous because their own
    husband is not man enough to do that, when they themselves feel they deserve it.
    And you can see from this story that confessing to other girls – and sharing the
    experience of being over the knees of a real man is good and important for them.
    So don’t be afraid to ask and confess if your best friend sits uneasily on her chair,
    and you want to share your session over hubby’s knees last night. It will turn out
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