Lesson in the water

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Bruce gazed out over the water, searching for Lindy. Where had she gone? He’d told her that he’d be right back and to wait for him. But now she was gone. He loved this girl a lot. But she was rather stubborn and free spirited. He wanted her to be his. He wanted to put a ring on her finger and marry this girl but she always said, “maybe someday, but not now, I’m not ready to settle down yet. I want to be free!”

Suddenly he spotter her, out in the water, past the sign that warned of a dangerous current. She was struggling against the water with all her strength. Bruce RAN as fast as he could to the ocean and swam powerfully toward her. Grabbing her and pulling her to safety.

“Lindy!” he shouted as he carried her over his shoulder back toward the beach. “What in the world are you doing here? Didn’t you see the sign?”

“I s-saw it, B-but I thought I could handle it, I wanted to see what it was like, I wanted to be free!”

Bruce planted a hard <SLAP> on Lindy’s bottom. Lindy screamed, “What did you do that for? You can’t hit me! Let me down.”

Bruce swatted her again, “I Intend <SLAP> to teach you <SLAP>that freedom <SLAP>  doesn’t mean<SLAP> you can do whatever you want. <SLAP><SLAP><SLAP><SLAP>” Bruce scolded as he spannked.amanda-stanton-in-bini-at-a-beach-in-cancun-10-15-2016_3

“Hey!” Lindy screamed back resisting his spannking, “how dare you!<SLAP> oww. Let me down! <SLAP> oww. You have no right to <SLAP> owwwwww hit me! <SLAP> Whaaaa. I’m gonna call the <SLAP> owwww cops, I don’t ever want to <SLAP> owwww see you <SLAP> agaiiinnnn whaaaaaa!”

“Lindy, <SLAP><SLAP><SLAP> I love you <SLAP>too much <SLAP> to not get this important message <SLAP>through to you. <SLAP>your disobedient, free spirit almost <SLAP>got you killed! <SLAP><SLAP><SLAP>. I don’t care <SLAP> if I go to jail, <SLAP> you’re worth it <SLAP> to me if I could just <SLAP> help <SLAP> you <SLAP> to <SLAP> learn<SLAP><SLAP><SLAP>!”

Bruce Spannked and Lindy fought until all her fight was gone. Finally submitting to Bruce she lay limply over his shoulder and wailed. amanda-stanton-in-bni-in-cancun-mexico_5Bruce suddenly realized what he had done. Now he’d really blown it. If he didn’t end up in jail, she’d certainly never see him again. But he did have to admit, it’d felt good. His sassy girl had needed a good tanning for a long time. And now that she was crying submissively over his shoulder, he felt a great sense of love and protectiveness well up inside him toward her, as he carried her limp sobbing body to a sand bar.

He put Lindy up on the safe sand bar and braced for her on-slot of wrath.Amanda-Stanton_-Bini-2016--25 Instead she sat there on the sand deep in thought. Finally she smiled meekly at him, “Thank you for saving me, hon!” She said softly, “I-I guess I was pretty stupid huh?”Amanda-Stanton_-Bii-2016--42



Bruce was shocked at her change of attitude. “I-I’m sorry I Spannked you, Lindy, I was just so, so–”

“Don’t be,” Lindy interrupted, “I deserved it, In fact I’ve realized I’ve deserved a lot of spannkinggs since we met. I like a man who is strong enough to put me in my place….” Lindy’s voice trailed off and she looked down at the water.  “I guess what I’m saying,” Lindy continued very deliberately, “is that I’ve realized that I can’t do it all on my own, I do need a man, and I want that man to be you. I want you to love me, guide me, protect me and discipline me. I am ready to settle down and only then will I be really free.”

Lindy moved in for a long kiss, “Bruce, will you marry me?”


“Hey, I’m supposed to ask that question!” Bruce laughed.

“Well then hurry up and ask, ’cause I’m ready to say yes!” Lindy smiled.

Bruce got down on one knee in the water, gazed up into Lindy’s bright eyes. He saw a peace and joy there that he’d never seen before. “Lindy Ann, Will you marry me?”

“YES!!!” Lindy screeched, leaping into Bruce’s strong arms. “Yes, Yes, Yes a thousand times yes. I want to be yours, I want to submit to you and obey you. I need your strong arms to protect me. YES, YES I’ll marry you!”amanda-stanton-in-bini-in-cancun-mexico_11

They had an incredible moment there by the sand bar. Finally Bruce said, “I think we should get back to shore now.”

“Oh Bruce,” Lindy said helplessly, “I’m scared to go through all that water by myself, I need a strong man to get me safely to shore, please carry me.”

Bruce Chuckled, “Ok Hon,” Bruce turned his back to Lindy, “Hop on!”


And Bruce carried his sweet Fiancee, on his back all the way to shore. When they were safely back on shore, Bruce put her down and put his arm around her tenderly as the walked slowly toward their hotel, each silently lost in their own thoughts.


Finally Lindy broke the silence, “Bruce?”

“Yes hon?”

“I-Meant what I said back there in the sea, About needing a strong man to care for me, guide me and discipline me. And I know that I can be a stubborn and free spirited. But I don’t want  that anymore, I want to submit to you, and please you, and obey you. B-but I don’t think I can do that on my own. I need your help. Promise me that you will not let me get by with disobedience or stubbornness or any of that stuff.  I don’t wants to do that but I know I will–and–and if I do… Promise me, Bruce, I mean this with all my heart, Promise me that you will put my over your knee and spannk me soundly just like you did out there in the ocean, ok?” Lindy looked at Bruce with pleading eyes.

“Are you sure you know what you’re asking for?” Bruce asked, “If I were to spank you every time you acted up you’d be over my knee constantly!”

“I-I know, and I d-don’t really want to be spannked, b-but I NEED to be. So yes, every time I act up I want you to spankk me and do it soundly, Even if I protest or resist, spaank me anyway! ok? Promise.”

“Ok, Lindy, I promise,” Bruce said giving her a playful swat on her bottom. Lindy smiled and they walked together in comfortable silence back to their hotel.


Epilogue: Bruce had been right about Lindy’s need for discipline, Her life long bad habits came naturally.  In fact, They had not been back in the hotel for an hour before Lindy found herself crying over Bruce’s knee. The next morning started with a sound spannking and didn’t end until she’d made the trip over his knee 3 more times. She begged and pleaded with him not to spannk her so hard, but he just reminded her that she was the naugghty girl and he was her disciplinarian, it was his job to decide how hard she needed to be spaanked, not hers. and after each spankking, as Bruce held her in his strong arms, Lindy would look admiringly into Bruce’s eyes and whisper, “Thank you, dear, that was exactly what I needed.”


The dread!

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Confessing–Waiting for Hubby to come home

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Cindy stared out the window waiting for her hubby to come home. She knew this wouldn’t be a happy home coming, for she had something to confess. She cringed at the thought of that paddle striking her bare bottom. “But” she reasoned. “It’s better to confess and get this over with right away, then to hide it and wait miserably to get caught, besides, Hubby always goes easier on me if I confess.”

Confessing–Worth the pain

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Peering through the bedroom door at her hubby, Marj tried to work up the courage to go in. It had seemed like such a good choice. In the kitchen when she had decided to confess. Her guilt was worst than the spannking she deserved. As she pulled her skirt off and grabbed the paddle she looked forward to having her guilt relieved.

But now, looking through the door at her Husband, Bill, She imagined herself crying over his knee and began to chicken out.

“Marj!” She jumped as she heard Bill call her name, He had seen her, it was too late. “Come on in.”

Gingerly she walked in, she could tell that Bill knew what she was hiding behind her back. “Do you have something to confess?” He asked kindly…


As Marj sobbed into her hubby’s strong shoulders, her bare bottom ablaze, She felt peace. Yes, that had been a bad spannking, but it was worth it, well worth it! Now she had peace, her guilt was gone, burned up by the heat radiating off her bottom.

The aftermath…

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It’d been a rough morning, Now she must shower and get to work.   “I hope my co workers can’t tell…”

Naughttiness dealt with, now time for work


It was only just past 2:30 and Shelly was already sporting a pink fanny. It's be a looong day!

It was only just past 2:30 and Shelly was already sporting a pink fanny. It’s be a looong day!


The Tiny spikes on her timeout chair hurt almost as bad as the spankking. as Jenni wailed in pain she thought, "What an awful Christmas gift. and after I bought him such a nice one!"

The Tiny spikes on her timeout chair hurt almost as bad as the spankking. as Jenni wailed in pain she thought, “What an awful Christmas gift. and after I bought him such a nice one!”


Yes, she had to admit that the had been distracted and gotten behind on her housework, but how could he expect her to get anything done after what he had done to her behind?

Yes, Jessie had to admit that the had been distracted and gotten behind on her housework, but how could he expect her to get anything done after what he had done to her behind?

Finally Jessie found a solution. Maybe ice would cool the burning in her bottom.

Finally Jessie found a solution. Maybe ice would cool the burning in her bottom.


Still pouting, huh? I'm afraid that ice pack isn't the solution, a new attitude is.

Still pouting, huh? I’m afraid that ice pack isn’t the solution, a new attitude is.


Oh, sweetie. I'm afraid the ice pack won't solve your problem, being good will work much better.

Oh, sweetie. I’m afraid the ice pack won’t solve your problem, being good will work much better.


Girl sitting on a well spannked bottom

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It’s no fun sitting on a cherry red bottom.


“OMG, no wonder it hurts so bad, he really took it to me this time!”


Her punishment was over, but her bottom hadn’t figured it out yet.


Ever wondered why we just can’t seem to resist touching our bottom when it’s on fire?



Girl crying in bed

After comforting her Mitch sent Sammie to bed, once alone in her room a new flood of tears washed over her.


A wife inspects her bottom and her feelings after her first DD spannking

Kelsey pulled her pants back down to see what her bottom looked like. “So this is what it’s like to be in a dd relationship.” she mused. She had hated the scolding and the spanking it’d been awful, Never wanted to go through that again! But somehow she was happy, like super happy, stareing at her bright pink bottom she couldn’t figure out why. While he was spannking her she had determine to withdraw her consent as soon as she got off his knee, but before her punishment had ended she had fully submitted to him. Now for some reason she was really happy that he had finally taken her in hand and spannked her. she felt free, and, well, happy (and sore, very sore). Yes she was glad to be a spannked wife but she was sure she was going to be really good from now on, she didn’t want to go through this again!


Ever since they began Domestic Discipline the basement had taken on a whole new meaning to Yuki. Her husband had chosen this place for her punishments because it was the only place in the house where her cries wouldn’t be heard by the kids. This is why Yuki hated the basement. Only two things happened down there; laundry and spaankings. She found herself trying to avoid both. Unfortunately, today her avoidance of one had led to the other, so now she must finish the laundry with a sore bottom.


Seems Lilly’s punishment didn’t end when her spannking did. Nope, her hubby told her that to remind her how juvenile her attitude had been she would wear diapers for the rest of the week. But she’s still not feeling very obedient so he told her she may not leave the couch till she’s put the diaper on. I doubt it’d be wise to hold out much longer or that bottom might just get some more coloration…